Your body and soul in coherence 



The Friheim concept is going to take you on a journey of self-discovery on all levels; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. 

Our classes are built upon the Element Cycle®️, the ancient principles of Fire, Water, Earth, Air and Unity ( spirit, You). During the whole, week based, cycle, you will be taken on a journey through all the elements on a physical and spiritual level.

Friheim is our SAFE HOUSE. A place where gender, race, age, sexuality, politics, religion and cultural differences are absent. The place where you are free. The place where time stops.  The place you will experience support, encouragement, love and laughter, great stories and atmosphere that will make you feel like a hero in your own movie. What makes you the hero in your own movie? It’s challenges you will encounter. You, finding the way to work with them, prevail and be victorious.  Whoever you are and whatever your challenges may be.



Get to Know Us

 Element Cycle System®️ Is based on simple principles, mechanics that all understand, universal laws that have been with us since the beginning... dressed in beauty and diversity of human movement and pinch of artistic touch. 

We are here to express and experience things.  To create our reality the way we see fit. For me- the way I live, how the events in my life unfolds- is clear that it all goes in Circular pattern, that it is all fuelled by contracting and expanding forces- Life’s essence. Movement. 

From the smallest subparticles, atomes, cells, muscles, heart, lungs, body mechanics, conciousness, tides,planets and the pulsates, vibrates, contracts and expands in the fantastic rythm. Rythm that we are able to attune to.

Our four main elements 🌬⛰🌊🔥 are the qualities, are the faces of You...are the aspects of both our physical existance and mental, emotional and spiritual one. The fifth element is You🌗🌑🌓. The All,You that is able to express, experience and evolve❤️ You are in the center of the Element Cycle, free to choose the direction you focus upon. You are in charge. Always.

«We do not merely exercise the physical body; we also invite the aspects of soul that have wandered, or fled, to fully reinhabit our vessel.» Beth Baker ❤️


Pawel Widuto



Our Story

As one of the few training centres in our area we can be proud to claim that we have a full blown Yoga studio to offer to our customers. in Friheim you can train both classical, hatha yoga and milder variants of yoga like yin yoga. Friheim Yoga is Course based, 8 weeks journey into the core of yourself.